CLEANVEST Summit: Focusing on Water Technologies


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Cleanvest Summit 2019 – Pre-Conference Seminar

Access to safe water has a tremendous impact on the world. According to studies it’s the 5th global risk facing the world today.

In Israel, there are over a hundred innovative water technology start-ups in various stages of development, working to accelerate water technologies in order to provide fresh water to future generations.

Within the framework of WATEC Israel 2019, the Cleanvest Summit, taking place at the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, in Yafo, on November 18, will be the perfect venue to meet potential investors and discuss partnerships and investments opportunities with water-tech Start-ups.

Cleanvest Summit Program

09:00  -  09:30

Gathering and Registration

09:30  -  10:00

Welcome Remarks

    Eytan Levy
    Ari Goldfarb
    Dr. Andrew Benedek

09:30-09:45: Eytan Levy, Levy Ventures, Chairman, Cleanvest Summit 2019,

                             Ari Goldfarb, Co-chairman, Watec 2019: A taste of the Watec Week events

09:45-10:00: Dr. Andrew Benedek, Founder of  Zenon ​Environmental ​Inc. and Anaergia Inc.


10:00  -  11:30

The Voice of Investors: Addressing the burning water-tech investments questions

    Jack Levy
    Maarten ter Keurst
    Booky Oren
    Kyle Perez
    Gili Elkin
    Gil Shaki
    Dylan West

10:00: Is the VC model suitable to water-tech investments?

Jack Levy, Managing Partner, IVC

10:10: Why we believe water technology investment can create high value?

Maarten ter Keurst, Director of Investments, PureTerra Ventures

10:20: How can kibbutz industries nurture early-stage water technology companies?

Rafi Nevo, CEO, Mamashtela – Kibbutz Industries Investments fund

10:30: Can water utilities accelerate the development of water tech start-up companies and benefit from it?

Booky Oren, Booky Oren Global Water Technologies Ltd.

10:40: Can a large water tech company expand by investments and acquisitions of early stage tech companies?

Kyle Perez, Manager, Open Innovation BU, Hach

10:50: How can a US-Israeli fund accelerate the growth of Israeli companies in the US market?

Gili Elkin, General Partner, Israel – Colorado Innovation Fund

11:00: What are the most efficient government programs to stimulate innovation?

Gil Shaki, Senior Director of Energy, Sustainability and Infrastructure
Israel Innovation Authority

11:10: How shared services improve start-up success?

Dylan West, Director, 25 Madison




11:30  -  12:00

Coffee Break

12:00  -  13:10

Innovation Happens Here! Water Start-Ups Pitch – Session 1

    Aviv Berkovich
    Elly Perets
    Boaz Ur
    Uria Berchman

Moderator: Aviv Berkovich, Manager, Water Sector, Israel Export Institute

12:10: Utilis – Satellite imagery-based leak detection

Elly Perets, CEO


12:20: Fieldbit – Field service augmented reality

Alex Rapoport, VP Marketing


12:30: Alumor – LED-UV water disinfection with pre-filtration

Ofri Orgad, VP Business Development


12:40: Harbo Technologies – Fastest oil spill first response system

Boaz Ur, CEO, Co-Founder


12:50: Lishtot – Hand-held drinking water quality sensor

Netanel Raisch, Founder & CEO


13:00: Maagan Filtration – Advanced water filters

Uria Berchman, CEO

13:30  -  14:30

Lunch Break

14:30  -  15:50

Innovation Happens Here! Water Start-Ups Pitch – Session 2

    Aviv Berkovich
    Michal Cooper– Kozlovich
    Yuval Ovadia
    Amir Samoiloff
    Hanan Itzkovitch
    Dr. Dovik Barkay

Moderator: Aviv Berkovich, Manager, Water Sector, Israel Export Institute

14:40: Newsight Imaging – CMOS image sensor chips for water quality analysis

Michal Cooper– Kozlovich, Manager Strategic Partnerships


14:50: STI – Running Water Analysis System

Yuval Ovadia, CEO


15:00: SG Technologies – Anaerobic treatment of livestock wastewater

Dr. Reuven Tal, R&D Manager


15:10: SIGA – SCADA Cyber Alert Systems

Amir Samoiloff, CEO and Co-Founder


15:20: Thetis Solar Desalination -TSD Solar-powered desalination

Joshua Altman, CTO


15:30: WaterSign – Online leak and irregular flow detection

Hanan Itzkovich, VP Business Development


15:40: Hydrantech – Real time monitoring and control of hydrants in a city water network

Dr. Dovik Barkay, Founder and CTO


15:50  -  16:00

Summit Wrap-Up

    Eytan Levy

Eytan Levy, Chairman, Cleanvest Summit 2019

16:00  -  17:30

Visit to The Israeli Innovation Center – The Innovation Nation

19:00  -  20:30

Gala Evening

    Eytan Levy

Taste of the Israeli Innovation at Start-up Nation Central, 28 Lilenblum st. , Tel-Aviv


How to get there:

19:00: Registration and mingling

19:30: Welcome Notes

Eytan Levy, Chairman, Cleanvest Summit 2019

19:35: The Israeli Innovation Ecosystem

Prof. Eugene Kandel, CEO, Start-Up Nation Central

20:00: Networking & mingling