Conference Program

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19 November, 2019

07:30  -  16:00


09:00  -  09:40


    Ari Goldfarb
    Oren Blonder
    Min. Eli Cohen
    Dr. Yuval Steinitz
    Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat
    Governor Gretchen Whitmer
    Adiv Baruch

09:00-09:07: Co-Chairmen: Ari Goldfarb, Founder & CEO, Kando & Oren Blonder, Chief Commercial Officer, Dorot Valves
09:07-09:14: Eli Cohen, Minister of Economy & Industry
09:14-09:21: Dr. Yuval Steinitz, Minister of Energy
09:21-09:28: Min. Gajendra Singh Shekhawt, Minister of Jal Shakti, India
09:28-09:35: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan
09:35-09:40: Adiv Baruch, Chairman, Israel Export Institute

09:40  -  10:05

Opening Keynote

    Andrew Wheeler

Opening Keynote: Andrew Wheeler, 15th Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency

10:05  -  10:30

Coffee Break

10:30  -  12:00

Round Tables: Innovation in Drinking Water

10:30  -  12:00

Table 1: Smart Water Networks – from automatic to autonomous

    Alicia Douglas
    Gary Weinstein
    Gigi Karmous-Edwards
    Gary Wong
    Ziv Zaretsky
    Peter Paz
    Oded Fruchtman
    Alexandre Gali Serra
    Isabel Escaler Puigoriol
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Moderator: Alicia Douglas, Founder & Executive Chair, The Water Rising Institute

Gary Weinstein, Product Manager for Smart Water, Dorot Management Control Valves

Mary Conley Eggert, Chief Innovation Officer, Global Water Works

Gigi Karmous-Edwards, President, Karmous-Edwards Digital Consulting

Gary Wong, Principal, Global Water Industry, OSIsoft

Ziv Zaretsky, EVP Sales & BD, Takadu Ltd.

Peter Paz, Co-CEO, Curapipe System Ltd.

Oded Fruchtman, CEO, Aquarius-Spectrum

Alexandre Galí Serra, Technology Strategy Manager, Suez Spain

Isabel Escaler Puigoriol, Technology Strategy and Knowledge Management Director, Suez Spain






10:30  -  12:00

Table 2: Disruptive Innovation in Water Treatment

    Dr. Andrew Benedek
    Yossi Yaacoby
    Laura Tegethoff
    Adva Zach-Maor
    Aviv Berkovich
    Sari Eli
    Natan Zuta
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Special One on One Interview with Dr. Andrew Benedek, Founder of Zenon ​Environmental ​Inc. and Anaergia Inc. by Yossi Yaacoby, Chief of Staff, Mekorot (30 minutes)


Laura Tegethoff, President, 360water, Inc.

Adva Zach-Maor, Vice President R&D, Amiad Water Systems

Aviv Berkovich, Manager of the Water Sector, Israel Export Institute

Sari Eli, Marketing Director, ODIS

Mino Negrin, CEO, Nufiltration Ltd.

Natan Zuta, Founder & CEO, Iosight

Sok Gek Ang, Senior Manager, PUB

10:30  -  12:00

Table 3: Innovation in Regulation

    Felicia Marcus
    Hon. Cecilia Abena Dapaah
    Yaron Ben Ari
    David Sherzer
    Rafi Laderman
    Liat Leibovitz, CPA
    Saul Singer
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Moderator: Felicia Marcus, Former Chairman, California Water Board


Hon. Cecilia Abena Dapaah, Minister for Sanitation and Water Resources, Ghana

Yaron Ben Ari, Head of Water Technology Program, Standards Institution of Israel

Michael Danon, Resource Efficiency, Ministry of Energy

David Sherzer, President, UET – Recycling Industrial Water Ltd.

Ohad Maimon, Marketing Manager, Woosh Water Systems Ltd.

Rafi Laderman, Regional Sales Manager, Fluence

Liat Leibovitz, CPA, CEO, Mei Raanana

Saul Singer, Co-Author – “Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle”

10:30  -  12:00

Table 4: People and Water

    Sally Levy
    Samantha Yates
    Uriel Klar
    Maarten ter Keurst
    Roy McGrath
    Sergio Campos
    Sarah Braman
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“People and Water – the challenge of leading a change”

Moderator: Sally levy, CEO, Meniv Rishon LTD.

Samantha Yates, Secretary General, Global Water Leaders Group

Uriel Klar, Marketing Manager, Fluence

Maarten ter Keurst, Director of Investments, Pure Terra Ventures

Roy McGrath, CEO and Chairman, Maryland Environmental Service

Sergio Campos, Chief, Water and Sanitation Division, Inter-American Development Bank

Sarah Braman, Water Resource Engineer, Town of Cary

12:00  -  12:30


    Booky Oren
    Traci Minamide
    Richard Harasick

Moderator: Booky Oren, Chairman and CEO, Booky Oren Global Water Technologies
Keynotes: Traci Minamide, Chief Operating Officer, LA Sanitation, City of Los Angeles & Richard Harasick, Head of the Water System, LADWP

12:30  -  13:30

Lunch Break

13:30  -  15:00

Round Tables: Innovation in Wastewater

13:30  -  15:00

Table 1: Reuse of Water

    Jon Freedman
    Eli Cohen
    Jason Gillespie
    Yotam Gonen
    Harel Rauch
    Sari Eli
    Mark Monin
    Ronen Shechter
    Ivan Rodriguez
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Moderator: Jon Freedman, Senior Vice President, SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions


Eli Cohen, CEO, Ayala Water & Ecology Ltd

Meni Deutsch, Sales Manager, NUFiltration

Jason Gillespie, Managing Director, Maryland Environmental Service

Yotam Gonen, CTO, WFI Group

Harel Rauch, V.P Business Development and Strategy, Aqwise

Sari Eli, Marketing Director, ODIS

Mark Monin, Director and Vice President, El Toro Water District

Ronen Shechter, CTO, Fluence

Iván Rodriguez Cabanillas, Head of the Research and Innovation Office, SEDAPAL Peru

13:30  -  15:00

Table 2: Smart Wastewater Networks

    Rouska Nikolaev
    Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong
    Gadi Sharon
    Konstantinos Vougiouklakis
    Dr. John Barton
    Ran Kedem
    Edo Soker
    Patrick Turnbull
    Edison Airoldi
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Moderator: Rouska Nikolaev, VP of Engineering and Operations, VP Operation, Mei Avivim


Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong, Founder & Executive Chairman, Jospong Group of Companies, Ghana

Gadi Sharon, Head of hardware development, KANDO

Konstantinos Vougiouklakis, Executive Director, EYDAP

Dr. John Barton, Principal Engineer, Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati

Ran Kedem, CEO, Reali Technologies Ltd.

Edo Soker, VP Technologies, A.R.I

Patrick Turnbull, Environmental Services Director, Montgomery County

Edison Airoldi, Director of Technology, Enterprise and Environment, SABESP

Sok Gek Ang, Senior Manager, PUB

13:30  -  15:00

Table 3: Disruptive Innovation in Monitoring

    Dr. Vadim Malkov
    Zella West
    Bryan Stubbs
    Dylan West
    Keith Hays
    Netanel Raisch
    Natan Zuta
    Assaf Bassi
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Moderator: Dr. Vadim Malkov, Principal, Product Applications Manager, HACH

Zella West, General Manager, Nob Hill Water Association

Bryan Stubbs, President & Executive Director, Cleveland Water Alliance

Dylan West, Director, 25 Madison

Keith Hays, VP & Managing Director, Bluefield

Netanel Raisch, CEO, Lishtot

Natan Zuta, Founder & CEO, Iosight

Assaf Bassi, VP Digital, Bermad


13:30  -  15:00

Table 4: People and Water Continued

    Dr. Sharon B. Megdal
    Sergio Avila Ceceña
    Gregory Walch
    Lela Perkins
    Oded Fixler
    Chuck Cullom
    Dr. Doron Markel
    Andrea Alonso
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”Implementing technologies across borders”

Moderator: Dr. Sharon B. Megdal, Director, University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center and CAP


Engineer Sergio Avila Ceceña, Executive Director, State Water Commission of Sonora

Gregory Walch, General Counsel, Southern Nevada Water Authority

Lela Perkins, P.E. Client Services Manager, Black & Veatch

Oded Fixler, Senior Deputy Director General, Ministry of Regional Cooperation

Chuck Cullom, Advisor, CAP

Dr. Doron Markel, Chief Scientist, KKL-JNF

Andrea Alonso, Environmental Program Manager, Libra Ingenieros Civiles

15:30  -  17:00

Insights Panel

    Oded Distel

Moderator: Oded Distel, Director, Tal-Ya


16:00  -  16:30


    Mina Guli

Mina Guli, CEO & Founder, Thirst


Innovation Happy Hour

20 November, 2019

08:00  -  15:00


09:00  -  10:00

Opening Keynotes

    Dr. Ami Appelbaum
    Prof. Jay Famiglietti

09:00-09:30: Dr. Ami Appelbaum, Chief Scientist and Chairman of the Board, Israel Innovation Authority

09:30-10:00: Prof. Jay Famiglietti, Hydrologist & Director, Global Institute for Water Security


10:00  -  10:30

Coffee Break

10:30  -  12:30

Round Tables: Future of Water

10:30  -  12:30

Table 1: Innovation in Creating New Water Sources

    Yitsik Marmelshtein
    Rafi Nevo
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Moderator: Yitsik Marmelshtein, Head of Infrastructure and PPP Projects Unit, Ministry of Finance

Eti Manasherov Aluf, Water Treatment Dep. Manager, Mekorot
Rafi Nevo, CEO, Mashtela – Kibbutz Industries Investments fund

10:30  -  12:30

Table 2: Cyber and Security

    Danny Lacker
    Shaul Rom
    Yahali Amit
    Tsur Segal
    Nathan Low
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Moderator: Danny Lacker, Head of the water Security and Emergency Division, Water Authority


Shaul Rom, Founder & President, Topco Control and Automation Ltd.

Yahali Amit, Founder & CEO, Illitary-AWS consulting Ltd.

Tsur Segal, VP Strategic Sales, Radiflow

Nathan Low, Founder and President, Sunrise Financial Group Inc.

10:30  -  12:30

Table 3: Data and Analytics

    Sharon Keren
    Maarten ter Keurst
    Lior Mor
    Guy Meiri
    Ofir Marx
    Ofer Cohen
    Alexandre Gali Serra
    Dimitris G. Mitsainas
    Ricardo Gilead Baibich
    Tal Maor
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Moderator: Sharon Keren, CEO, Mei Avivim

Maarten ter Keurst, Director of Investments, Pure Terra Ventures

Lior Mor, Smart Solutions Senior Manager, Talis Group (Raphael)

Oran Drach, VP Business Development, A.G.M Communication & Control

Guy Meiri, Head of Business Development, IOSight

Ofer Cohen, VP sales, Aquarius-Spectrum

Ofir Marx, Global Marketing Manager, Bermad

Alexandre Galí Serra, Technology Strategy Manager, Suez Spain

Dimitris G. Mitsainas, Energy & Utilities Senior Presales Manager, Intrasoft

Ricardo Gilead Baibich, CTO, Kando

Sok Gek Ang, Senior Manager, PUB

Tal Maor, CEO & Founder, Viridix

10:30  -  12:30

Table 4: Water and Politics

    Ambassador (Ret) Ram Aviram
    Felicia Marcus
    Dr. Sharon B. Megdal
    Oded Fixler
    Ing. Stanislav Hreha
    Zeev Fisher
    Helena Alegre
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Moderator: Amb. (Ret) Ram Aviram, BIT Consultancy


Felicia Marcus, Former Chairman, California Water

Dr. Sharon B. Megdal, Director, University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center and CAP

Oded Fixler, Senior Deputy Director General, Ministry of Regional Cooperation

Ing. Stanislav Hreha, General Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors, East Slovak Water Company a.s.

Zeev Fisher, CEO, Mapal Green Energy

Helena Alegre, Senior Research Officer, National Civil Engineering Laboratory of Portugal


    Prof. Glenn Yago
    Michelle Moskowitz
    Peter Nico
    Ken Alston
    Felicia Marcus
    Paige Brokaw

Public Session

• The Scaling up and Commercialization Challenge
• Academy-Industry Water Collaboration
• Supportive Regulatory Framework for Water Innovation

Moderators:  Prof. Glenn Yago, Milken Innovation Center-Jerusalem Institute/Hebrew University of Jerusalem School of Business and Michelle Moskowitz, Director of Advocacy and Institutional Relations, UC Berkeley

Peter Nico, Research Director, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab)
Ken Alston, Chief of Staff at New Energy Nexus and Investment Manager at CalCEF Ventures
Felicia Marcus, Former Chairman, California Water Board
Paige Brokaw, Senior Consultant on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials, California State Assembly


    Zafrir Asaf
    Karin Krchnak
    Rochi Khemka
    Mercedes Castro
    Le Tien Truong
    Anjum Parwez
    Do Khac Dung
    Shira Greenberg-Gelbwaser
    Dr. Shivaji Trimbakrao Sangle
    Shri. Vinay Kulkarni
    Shri. Vinodkumar J.Tiwari
    Rasik Madanlal Chauhan
    Shri. K. P. Bakshi

“WRG2030 – Solving the water problems of developing countries”

Moderators: Zafrir Asaf, Director of Emerging Markets and Development Finance Department, Israel’s Ministry of Economy and Industry & Karin Krchnak, Program Manager, 2030 WRG


Rochi Khemka, Global Partnerships Coordinator and Asia Water Resources Specialist, 2030 WRG

Mercedes Castro, Co-Founder & Manager Agualimpia NGO, Peru

Le Tien Truong, CEO, VINATEX

Anjum Parwez, Principal Secretary, Urban Development, GoK

Do Khac Dung, Deputy Director of planning Department, VINATEX

Shira Greenberg-Gelbwaser, Chief Economist, Ministry of Finance

Dr. Shivaji Trimbakrao Sangle, Principal Secretary, MWRRA

Shri. Vinay Kulkarni, Member, MWRRA

Shri. Vinodkumar J.Tiwari, Member, MWRRA

Rasik Madanlal Chauhan, Secretary, MWRRA

Shri. K. P. Bakshi, Chairman, MWRRA



    Gil Shaki
    Avital Eshet
    Guy Reshef
    Vinod Ramachandran
    David Balsar
    Ofer Avidan
    Eytan Levy

Water Innovation: The Scaling up and Commercialization Challenge

Moderator: Gil Shaki, Head of Energy, Sustainability & Infrastructure, Israel Innovation Authority

Avital Eshet, Head of Economic Policy, Ministry of Environmental Protection
Guy Reshef, Deputy Director Manager, Head of Israel Hydrological Service, Water Authority
Vinod Ramachandran, Global Open Innovation Leader, SUEZ WTS
David Balsar, General Manager Innovation and Ventures, Mekorot WaTech
Eytan Levy, Levy Ventures, Founder and ex-CEO of Aqwise, Emefcy, and Fluence
Ofer Avidan, CEO, WFI Group
Sok Gek Ang, Senior Manager, PUB


13:30  -  15:00

Lunch Break

15:00  -  15:30

Panel: “Open innovation in Cooperates”

    Eytan Levy
    Kyle Perez
    Vinod Ramachandran

Moderator: Eytan Levy, Founder, Levy Ventures

Kyle Perez, Head of Innovation, HACH
Vinod Ramachandran, Global Open Innovation Leader, SUEZ WTS

15:30  -  17:00

Insights Panel

    Gili Elkin
    Zohar Scheinin
    Sally Levy
    Zella West
    Sarah Braman
    Alicia Douglas

Moderator: Gili Elkin, General Partner, Israel – Colorado Innovation Fund


Zohar Scheinin, CSO, KANDO
Sally levy, CEO, Meniv Rishon LTD.
Zella West, General Manager, Nob Hill Water Association
Sarah Braman, Water Resource Engineer, Town of Cary
Alicia Douglas, Founder & Executive Chair, The Water Rising Institute

19:00  -  21:00

Fun Events outside the Venue – (